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Modern Bedroom Tips For Your Teen’s New Space

The teenage years can be notoriously difficult not only for parents but for the teens themselves and having a comfortable bedroom to escape to can certainly make all the difference. What’s more, a comfortable and well-styled bedroom can give your teenager their own private space at a time when privacy is a valuable and often overlooked part of growing up. As your kids head into their teenage years, keeping up with constant changes can feel like a struggle and as their interests change from kid-friendly designs to more mature alternatives, having a well-designed bedroom is a must. Here, we’ve put together our top tips to help you get started.

Get Their Input

This may feel like a given, but the best place to begin when it comes to designing your teen’s bedroom is to ask for their input. A bedroom is a very personal and often private space, so it’s important that your teen’s new space represents who they are and fits their ideal purpose. Their hobbies and interests can guide you in designing the best room. For example, if they read a lot, a bedroom with plenty of bookshelves is ideal, whereas those who might enjoy dancing or more active lifestyles could benefit from a more spacious, minimalistic bedroom with plenty of room for movement. Their input can help guide you on colour choices, furniture choices and more, so it’s important to keep them involved in the decorating process.

Upgrade The Bed

As children grow older, they of course also grow physically which can mean that the single bed they’ve grown up with isn’t quite meeting their needs anymore. A small double bed can be a great solution for teenagers, offering a more spacious sleep without swallowing up all of the space in their bedroom. It can be a great middle point between a single and a full double, with plenty of designs and finishes to suit any bedroom decor. We stock a wide range of 4ft small double beds here, ranging from wooden frames, to upholstered and even ottoman bed frames for excess storage. Take a browse for yourself to find the perfect new bed for your teen. 

Allow For Plenty Of Study Space

Whether it’s high school homework or college exams, having a comfortable place to sit and study in the bedroom can not only offer ample space to break out the books, but it can also offer somewhere quiet and separate from the main rooms of the home to get some quiet and focus. If they have younger siblings, having somewhere to go to study can really help to improve their focus. They also have the opportunity to study without having to worry about being in the way or having to pack away their books completely if they stop to take a break or finish up for the day. They can have their very own personalised set-up that works perfectly for them and their style of studying.

Consider An Accent Wall

If your teen changes their tastes regularly, using an accent wall can be a great way to change up the design of a bedroom more often without having to completely redesign the entire room. By keeping most of the walls a neutral tone such as creams or beige and having an accent wall, you’ll only have to redecorate one wall if their tastes change. What’s more, it can keep things light even with darker prints, meaning those bold or dark colours that your teen might lean towards won’t dim things down too much, or the brighter colours won’t completely overwhelm the space.

And Plenty Of Storage!

Books, games, clothes, makeup, knickknacks and more – your children and teenagers can collect a lot of things as they grow up and not all of them will be good at clearing things out when it’s needed. Instead, you may find that you need more and more storage to keep their belongings tucked away safely and neatly. Starting with plenty of storage space can help to encourage them to keep their hoarding and mess to a minimum! Plenty of shelves, drawers, a wardrobe and even an ottoman can help to reduce the amount of clutter not only in their room, but around the house too. 

For more information on the beds we have available or for help choosing the right ones for your teenager, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, today.