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5 Dos and 5 Donts For Decorating Your Bedroom 

Whether you’re decorating for the first time as you move into a new home, or you’re just in need of a refresh, getting stuck in with redoing your bedroom can be exciting. Alongside that excitement, however, you might find yourself a little daunted about where to begin. From understanding all of the elements that go into decorating, to not wanting to make mistakes you have to undo, decorating can be stressful. To help you start off a little clearer, we’ve put together 5 dos and dont’s for decorating your bedroom.

DO: Get a new bed and mattress

Whether you’re redecorating or moving in, there’s no better time to invest in a new bed and/or mattress. You should be replacing your mattress every 7-8 years for the best night’s sleep but what a lot of people forget is that our bed frames can go through a lot too. Over time, they can become creaky, the slats can start to bow and they might not provide as much support to the mattress as they once did. Treating yourself to a new mattress and bed frame is one investment you should always consider when switching up your room.

DON’T: Forget about lighting

We don’t typically spend a lot of time in our bedrooms during the day so by the time we head up there at night, it can be dark and dreary. While the morning sun can light up the space when we wake, as we get ready for bed we need the right lighting to enhance the space. Set aside harsh overhead lights and consider all kinds of different alternatives, whether that’s a floor lamp, bedside lamps, sconces and ceiling light fixtures that aren’t quite so harsh. Switching cool lights for warm ones can also help to create a cosy space.

DO: Think about functionality

Your bedroom isn’t just where you sleep – it’s where you get ready, where you likely store your clothes and more. You need to think about functionality and storage in order to truly make the most out of the space. Bedside tables with drawers for storage or cubbies for books and chargers will help you keep your nighttime necessities close by, while a decently sized wardrobe will ensure you have plenty of storage space not only for clothes but for shoes and accessories too. 

DON’T: Over- or under-decorate

When you’re given a blank slate to work with, it can be incredibly easy to go too far, or not go far enough. Even minimalistic styles can appear too bare if not decorated well enough, while even cosy styles can seem overwhelming and ‘too much’ if overdecorated. Take the time to really look at the space and work out the right balance of decor and the scale of the furniture for the space before committing to anything permanent.

DO: Opt for multifunctional furniture if you’re short on space

If you have a small bedroom, making the most of the space can seem impossible. How can you fit a bed, wardrobe, sheet storage, book storage and more into one tiny room and still have space to move? This is where multi-functional furniture comes in. An ottoman bed is not only a sturdy, comfortable place to sleep, but you can simply lift the mattress and access plenty of storage underneath for anything that needs a place. You can forgo a dresser and store your clothes there, tuck spare bedsheets under there or even use it as book or hobby storage.

DON’T: Rule out brighter colours

Using bright and bold colours in your bedroom decor can seem intimidating at first, but it can actually prove to be an effective way to make a space entirely your own and entirely unique. Creating a focal point in your bedroom with a bright, bold feature wall, for example, can create an interesting look that really turns heads. For something more subtle, pops of bold colours in your accessories give the same effect, but can easily be switched out over time to match your preferred aesthetic.

DO: Consider house plants

House plants are a decor feature that most of us might picture in the living room, kitchen or dining room, but how many of us have considered including them in the bedroom? Despite the fact that they aren’t common, plants in the bedroom can actually prove useful for more than just decoration. By purifying the air, they can help you sleep better and clearer at night, and generally lift the mood of the room. 

DON’T: Over-clutter the space

Similar to over-decorating, it can be easy to over-clutter a bedroom. Bedrooms are our personal spaces, filled with all of our personal things that very few others are likely to see. It’s where we can be most ourselves and for that reason, it can be easy to fall into the habit of over cluttering. However, having good storage and organisation and keeping your clutter to a minimum can help keep the space clean and neat, helping you go to go to sleep and wake up with a clearer head.

DO: Consider Rugs

Whether you have hard floors or carpets, rugs can really make a difference in your room. However, you need to make sure you’re picking the right size for the space. Don’t be afraid to go too big, but make sure that it doesn’t swallow the whole room. It needs to be larger than your bed so you can step out comfortably onto it, or small enough to fit in the spaces around the room, such as by the dresser, without looking out of place.

DON’T: Worry about sticking to a style

It’s perfectly okay to go into bedroom decoration with a design style in mind, but the truth is that you really don’t have to stick to that style completely. If you want to be creative and go outside of any one style, you can make the most of your personal tastes and decorate the room how you want it. Our dos and dont’s are guidelines only, so get stuck in and put together the room that you want. 

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