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Your Bedroom Essentials: Here’s Our Checklist So You Don’t Miss Anything

Whether you’re moving into your first home, a new home or you’re simply looking to revamp your bedroom, it can be easy to get wrapped up in talk of paint colours and wallpaper styles and completely lose sight of the basics. Every bedroom has a number of essentials needed to create a functional, navigable space that is not only convenient for daily life but is comfortable, cosy and captures your style perfectly. If you’re finding yourself lost in the chaos of designing your new room, we’ve put together a checklist so you don’t miss any of the essentials:

A Bed

This may seem like a given, but moving home or redesigning your room is the perfect opportunity to invest in a brand new, stylish and cosy bed. From the frame and headboard to the mattress itself, a new bed not only looks great in a new room but will offer you a renewed, more comfortable sleep and in some cases, even improve your sleep quality overall. Our Ashford 4ft Divan bed is a faux suede divan-style bedframe available in a range of different colours to suit your personal style and the design you’re hoping to achieve in your bedroom. It fits a standard 4ft mattress, meaning you can pick whichever mattress best suits your needs knowing it will suit the bed frame perfectly. 

Cosy Bedding

Cosying up in bed at the end of a long, stressful day can be a luxurious experience, particularly after days spent unpacking or decorating, so what better way to treat yourself than with a cosy new set of bed linen? Not only are duvets, pillows and covers an essential part of your bedroom, but there is a vast range of comfortable, high-quality and unique styles out there perfect for your new room. 

A Sturdy Nightstand

A good bedside table or nightstand is a bedroom essential that many of us take for granted. Having a surface beside your bed, as well as a few drawers for bits and bobs, is a convenience that we often don’t consider when trying to shuffle furniture into a room. However, having that place to pop a glass of water or your phone or a book while you sleep, or even your alarm clock or a lamp, can really make things easier and dress-free of an evening or first thing in the morning. A unit with drawers also offers you somewhere to store medications, tissues, lip balms, TV remotes, chargers, sleep masks and, if there is enough space, you can even dedicate a drawer to pyjamas.

A Wardrobe And/Or Drawers

Unless you have a walk-in wardrobe, chances are you’re going to need a good wardrobe or set of drawers for storing your clothes. In some cases, you may even be able to fit in both. Take a look at the size and layout of your room, and determine what kind of space you have, and the best storage solution to suit that space. You could invest in a wardrobe with drawers included, compiling both ideas into one without sacrificing extra floor space.

A Dressing Table

A dressing table or vanity of some kind might not be necessary for every home, but is another feature that many of us overlook when it comes to the bedroom. Not only will it provide you with a good place to sit and do makeup, skincare or your hair, a good dressing table or vanity will also provide a good place to store your cosmetics and skincare neatly without having to clutter up the bathroom.


Chances are, your bedroom already has a ceiling light installed but in many cases, this could be a basic pendant light. If you’re looking to really revamp the room, why not look into alternative lights for the ceiling? If you don’t want to delve into the world of hiring an electrician and installing a unique three-lamp system, a stylish lampshade can be changed up whenever you’re in need of something new and will help to soften the light in the room to a more comfortable level.


While ceiling lights are good for getting things done in the bedroom when it’s dark or dull out, chances are you don’t want to sit in your bed of an evening with a bright light glaring above you. This is where lamps become essential for the bedroom. A lamp on your bedside table offers easy access to the switch so you don’t have to worry about clambering through the dark to get to your bed. Lamps provide warmer and often softer lighting than a ceiling light, which is perfect for winding down at night and lulling your body into sleep.

A Good Mirror

Mirrors are essential for the bedroom, both for your dressing table and one that’s full-length. A good, full-length mirror in the bedroom somewhere can be a godsend when it comes to getting dressed for the day, for a night out, or for any time you want a clear picture of just how you look. It not only helps you get ready for the day, but can also make smaller bedrooms look bigger by providing the illusion of space.


Whether you’re short on space in your new bedroom, or you simply want to put some of your prized possessions on display to truly make the room your own, shelves in the bedroom are an essential we swear by. Whether it’s somewhere to put your favourite books, or as a spot to display ornaments or decorations, shelves can help you make the bedroom truly your own.


With the essentials in place, it’s time to get decorating however you see fit – the final essential is your own decor! Whether you’re a bookwork who wants to display those stunning hardbacks, an art-lover looking for the perfect place to hang some of your favourite works or you simply want to create a cosy space that is entirely your own, picking out the right decorations for your room is most definitely the fun and most personal part. Everything from photos and prints, to ornaments, lights, rugs, candles and books have their place in a bedroom and can really transform the room from just being a place to sleep, to being your own haven away from the stress of the day. 

For more information about our beds or what other essentials we sell for your bedroom, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, today.