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Sun, Sea and Sand: Bedroom Decor To Prolong The Summer

When it comes to the summer months, here in the UK it’s rare that we’ll get more than a few months of ‘proper’ summer and for most of us, this doesn’t always feel like enough. The sunshine can help improve positivity, mental health, physical health and generally improve mood, so how do we prolong that feeling even as winter approaches? We’ve got some hacks to get you started.

Replace Old Furniture

Whether it’s that beaten up old wardrobe, or your bed is in desperate need of replacement, using the summer as an excuse to replace these can really inject your bedroom with a whole new lease of life. Your bed, for example, is the very first thing you pay attention to when entering a bedroom and is the most important part of your sleep routine. Without addressing the age and comfort of your bed, you could find yourself sleeping in discomfort or missing out on a full and proper night’s sleep. Refreshing or replacing your bed could be as simple as buying a new mattress, or you could treat yourself to a brand new, fresh and sturdy bed frame for a completely fresh start. This can not only transform the look of your space but leave you with a better quality sleep overall. 

Freshen Up The Colours

As paint ages and picks up the dust and debris in your room, the colour can fade or dull down. For that reason, giving your room a fresh coat can really bring the space back to life. Whether you start with crisp white or warm beige as a base, or you go all out with a bold colour, the possibilities are endless. For a truly summer-ready colour palette, decorating experts suggest anything from coastal colours like sandy beige and pebble grey to sea-worthy blues and crisp whites. Floral prints and a more garden-worthy colour palette also fit the theme perfectly, from yellows and pinks to rich and leafy greens.

Embrace Citrus

From fresh fruits to lemonade, citrus colours, flavours, smells and objects are a must-have in any summery bedroom. Why not start by incorporating pops of citrus-inspired colour throughout the bedroom? This could be anything from block colour cushions, to citrus patterned throws or prints on the wall. You could really create that fresh summer feeling by introducing citrus scents into the bedroom too, whether that’s with candles, air fresheners or scent bags in your wardrobe or drawers. 

Swap For Linen Bedding

With summer comes warmer weather and if you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to switch out those heavy winter sheets and duvet covers for something far lighter. Linen is a great lightweight material for a summer bed, as are most lightweight cotton blends and come in a huge range of colours and patterns to choose from. Crisp white or a light blue are often the most summer-friendly hues, though pastel yellows, pinks or mauves also fit in perfectly. Add a folded blanket at the end of the bed that can be folded out for an extra bit of warmth on chillier nights.

Bring In Some Plants

Spring and Summer are the seasons of life and rich nature, so bringing plants into the bedroom can help to inject a bit of that summery energy into the space. Whether you opt for greenery such as succulents, cactuses or other leafy plants, or you keep a summery bouquet in your room for a pop of colour all summer long, the possibilities are truly endless. 

For more information about our beds or mattresses and how to replace your old ones for something fresh and new for the summer, get in touch with a member of our team.