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Get A Beach-Themed Bedroom In Time For Summer

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start redecorating for the warmer months. Whether your bedroom is in desperate need of a new look, or you’re simply looking to inject some sunshine into the space, a beach-themed bedroom can be a great way to freshen things up for summer. We’ve put together our guide to help you pick the perfect pieces for your beach-style bedroom.

Decide How Beachy You Want To Go

First things first, you need to decide just how deep you want to wade in when it comes to a beach-themed bedroom. Do you want to feel like you’re beachside, in a hotel themed entirely around all things nautical? Or would you rather just a touch of the seaside to keep things fresh and new? Your preferences can affect which tips below you adhere to, but the important thing to remember is that your bedroom is your space, so decorate to the strength or subtlety that you like.

Try These Materials

For a beach-themed bedroom, texture and material plays a huge part in the overall look. Natural is best, giving you the perfect opportunity to play with different materials to suit your own style best. 

Wood that looks like it’s spent some time out in the sandy beaches or tossed about in the waves, is the perfect material for that beachside look. The level of ‘distressed’ is entirely up to you, but you should avoid overly shiny or perfect finishes. Mixing and matching the wooden furniture, the colours and the designs can help to really bring out that beachy vibe – if you want to buy new furniture, such as a new bed frame, why not try painting the wood in a distressed finish? This can give the same effect without sacrificing on the strength and durability of your furniture.

To bring some of that seaside nature into your bedroom, adopt different accents and textiles that come from the sandy shores themselves. Anything from driftwood, shells and shingle, to linen, rattan and even jute and burlap can offer that all-natural look that perfectly suits a coastal bedroom. 

And These Colours

Colour schemes can often make or break a space and for beach-themed bedrooms, the right hues can really create the perfect atmosphere. For a nautical theme, a white base with blue accents will create the fresh, crisp look that’s perfect for creating that sea-faring atmosphere. For a beachside getaway, warm yellows and rich azure blues can mimic a tropical paradise while maintaining the comfort and familiarity of your own home and bedroom. For a simple ocean-inspired room, blues, greys and silvers with pops of red and coral can create an under-sea paradise, with all the benefits of a calming nights sleep.

And These Decorations

When it comes to adding those last finishing touches to complete the overall look, this is when your creativity will really come into play. Whether you’ve already added coloured accents in the way of furniture, or you’re looking to introduce pops of colour through decoration, this is the perfect stage to really bring your bedroom to the seaside. 

Sealife motifs can be a great place to start. Whether it’s wallpaper featuring the best of the ocean’s creatures, or cushions with sea life-inspired prints, or even seashells and framed artwork around the room can really bring a beach-inspired bedroom to life. Nautical-inspired decor can also be a unique addition to your room. Ornaments like boats, anchors and even netting can make a huge difference and really pull the overall look together. 

For advice on creating your own beach-inspired bedroom or which of our bed frames might suit the space best, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, today.