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What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

For many of us, we have a tried, tested and true way of sleeping each night. We all find different ways more comfortable than others, but did you know that studies have proven this could be a reflection of your personality? Whether it’s all a matter of generalisation or coincidence is up for debate, but we’ve dug a little deeper to get the lowdown on just what your sleeping position says about you.

Hugging The Pillow

If you hug a pillow or even your blanket while you sleep, you could be what’s known as a ‘Pillow Hugger’ sleeper. Generally speaking, pillow hugging sleepers tend to like being cuddled or held, as well as being cosy and comfortable in their day to day life. They cherish the relationships they have in their lives and hold important people above all else.


A relatively stiff-seeming sleeping position, The Soldier sees the sleeper laying on their back with both arms down by their sides. Only 11% of people seem to sleep this way through the whole night, though up to 62% of people will start off on laying in this kind of position, before turning into other positions before they fall asleep, or while in the first stages. Soldier sleepers are quiet, reserved and may have high standards in how they see themselves and others around them.

Starfish/Spread Eagle

Sleepers that take on the starfish position will usually fall asleep on their backs, arms spread or up by the pillow. This also seems to be a more popular position with men. Generally speaking, starfish sleepers tend to be giving people and more selfless in their day-to-day lives. They are always willing to lend a helping hand or be a shoulder to cry on.

The Foetal Position

The most common sleeping position around, the foetal position is simple – if you tend to curl up like a baby, laid on your side with your knees bent towards your chest, then you sleep in this position. It’s more common amongst women than men, but up to 47% of respondents to sleep studies report sleeping this way. Foetal sleepers tend to be more sensitive at heart and may show signs of being introverted, shy or even anxious.

The Yearner

If you lie on your side, arms outstretched in front of you, then you’re sleeping in the ‘Yearner’ position. This is a particularly popular sleep pattern with the Boomer generation and isn’t as commonly found in Generation X or younger. Yearner sleepers are typically more cynical and complex, but open-minded. They can be slow with decision-making, but once their mind has been made up, they are firm in their decisions.

The Freefaller

This position typically sees the sleeper on their stomach, with hands up by the pillow and head turned to the side. Studies have suggested that this particular position is popular amongst younger generations, particularly millennials and Generation X, with suggestions that freefall-sleepers tend to be the more brash and bold amongst us. They can be outspoken and don’t tend to take criticism well.

The Log

The ‘log’ is considered one of the more uncomfortable sleep positions around, but for 6% of people, it’s the chosen position! This position sees the sleeper laying on their side with both arms straight down. Despite the stiff appearance of this sleep position, Log sleepers are said to be easy-going, more trusting of others and generally more social with their friends, family and peers.

Not In Bed At All

It could be time for a new bed! If you’re struggling to sleep at night due to discomfort or you’re waking up in pain, it may be time to invest in a new bedframe and/or mattress. Check your bedframe thoroughly – have any of the slats broken, or are things wobbly and uneven? How about your mattress? Is it showing signs of wear and tear? Have you replaced it in the past 7-8 years?

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