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Helping Your Kids Sleep In The Run Up To Christmas

In the weeks and days before Christmas, it’s not uncommon for kids to struggle with sleeping. The excitement can cause restless nights where neither you nor they get the sleep they so desperately need. Helping them get that all-important rest is crucial for your sanity and theirs, and for making sure that everyone is healthy and well-rested for the big day. But how do you calm down excited kids enough to get some good sleep in the run-up to Christmas? Here are a few tips to help you get them back on track.

Stick To A Normal Bedtime Routine

It can be easy to slip out of routine once schools break up and your kids are home all day every day. Keeping to their previous routine, however, can help to improve sleep across the board. Even if you push the time by an hour, keeping the same step-by-step routine, whether that’s reading a book, getting a drink before bed or even the basics like brushing their teeth and getting into pyjamas, these little things can bring a little more normality into day to day life and help keep things a little calmer before Christmas.

If you’re staying elsewhere over the Christmas period, try and keep the routine even while away, and discuss with other parents in the household how best to match up routines for all kids there.

Try And Be Active During The Day

Exercise is important for a number of reasons, but it’s also a great way to help your kids burn off some energy before the evening. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic every day – burning off excess energy can be as easy as playing with toys or playing games with you or their siblings. If you feel up to taking them for a walk or a run, it can be just as effective. At school, children will get time to get out and play with their friends which can help burn off that energy but while at home during the holidays, we need to get a little creative.

But Have Downtime Just Before Bed

As much as an active day can help to tire kids out by the evening, it’s just as important to give them some downtime at the end of the day. Chilling out together, whether that’s watching a movie, doing some relaxing activities or even giving them some time to draw or play calmly on their own can be a great way to help them wind down from the day and be mentally ready for bed. Avoid electronics and sweets close to bedtime too to help their mind switch off too and ultimately get a better night’s rest. 

Make Sure Their Room And Bed Are As Comfortable As Possible

A comfortable bed will not only help lull them off to sleep in the first place, but provide a better rest and, with any luck, put them in a better temperament the next day after a good rest. A new bed or mattress can even make kids excited to head upstairs and get to sleep. Why not invest in an early Christmas present and buy them a new, “grown-up” bed and mattress? It could do wonders for getting them to bed each night.

For more information about our beds or how they could help your kids sleep better this Christmas, get in touch with a member of our team, today.