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Which Bed Frame Is Right For Me?

Our beds are some of the most personal spaces in our homes. We spend around a third of our lives in our beds on average, and so choosing the right bed frame for your home is ultimately a mixture of your personal desire, and what will work best in your space. From divan bedframes with plenty of storage, to spring-slatted models with a modern look, the possibilities are truly endless – here, we’ve gathered all the information you need to determine which bedframe is right for you.

What Types Are There?

Knowing what’s available to you make’s it much easier to decide which one you’d prefer for your bedroom. Each has its own pros and cons and the style can suit some rooms more than others. These types include:

  • Divan

Divan bed bases are typically one of the most widely available types, usually because of their lower cost. They also tend to be the most flexible, with most sizes available and different storage options depending on your needs. Divan’s typically come with the option to add a mattress and headboard as part of a package which can generally offer the best value compared to other types of bed.

Pictured: Washington Small Double Divan Bed

Divan bases are typically a wooden frame covered with material, which could be anything from cotton and linen, to velour and velvet. They typically have a flat top to provide a firm surface for the mattress to sit on, however, their boxy style does mean that they aren’t considered quite as stylish as other types of beds available on the market.

  • Spring Slatted/Bedsteads

Stepping away from the solid base of a divan, spring-slatted beds, or bedsteads, are usually manufactured in wood or metal and are surprisingly flexible in terms of style and design. They are typically comprised of the base, legs and a headboard and are generally more unique in their styling and finishes depending on your preferences. 

Pictured: Cosenza Light Cream Metal Bed

Slatted beds typically come with different slat types to cater to what you want from your bed. Different types can give you a harder or a more flexible feel when you lay down and in some cases, you may even find upholstery-covered options for that softer look. It’s worth noting that they can be more expensive than divan beds and that some self-assembly may be required.

  • Ottomans and Storage Beds

Ottomans and storage beds do exactly what they say on the tin – they offer plenty of storage, perfect for tucking away spare bedsheets, blankets, cushions and even clothes. Ottomans and storage beds are particularly useful for smaller bedrooms or houses that are short on space, with both lift-up and drawer-based storage available depending on what you need and who will be using the bed. Children can benefit from storage drawers for safety, while lift-up ottomans provide plenty of space without needing to ensure there’s room to open a drawer.

Pictured: Mallory Black Faux Leather Ottoman Bed


The material that the bed is made of is also something worth considering depending on how you want things to look. From metal bed frames, to wooden or upholstered alternatives, having a good quality bed frame made from an equally good quality material will give you peace of mind that it’ll stand the test of time. But which material should you choose?

  • Metal

Available in both contemporary and traditional styles, metal bed frames are some of the most diverse available. Metal can be worked into any style and shape and will suit most bedroom designs, with the added benefit that metal frames are often cheaper than solid wood. It can’t be damaged by mould or insects either, meaning that metal is one of the longest-lasting materials for a bed frame available.

Pictured: Faro Small Double Metal Bed

Metal bed frames are some of the cheaper options available but are mostly limited to the spring slatted/bedstead style of frame.  

  • Wood

Solid wooden bedframes are both traditional and rustic, yet can be easily customised and spruced up over the years with just a lick of paint or stain. Wooden frames are warmer than metal and have the additional benefit that they are resistant to moisture, even during the cooler months. Durability is also a crowning feature of well-made wooden bed frames, so it’s sure to be a long-lasting purchase worth the investment.

Pictured: Missouri Pine Wooden Bed Frame

Wooden beds are, on average, more expensive than metal beds but this will ultimately depend on the wood used and the style of the bed itself. They can be heavier and more difficult to move due to their durability, so it’s worth bearing this in mind if you’re prone to moving home in the future.

  • Upholstered

Upholstered bedframes are becoming more and more popular over the years, not least due to their flexibility and customisation options. With an upholstered bedframe, you get all the benefits of a soft-touch frame that will help your bedroom feel warmer, with the added plus of choosing any kind of material that suits your decor and your personal style best. From simple cotton or linen, to velvets, velours, leather and more, comfort is a key defining factor.

Pictured: Tamer Small Double Grey Fabric Bed Frame

Upholstered beds can be more expensive than other options depending on the material chosen, and the inner frame on divan styles. However, the range is vast, offering plenty of choice for any price bracket.

With the information above, you can better determine which bedframe will suit your personal style best. By considering the key features, as well as your own budget, style, space and more, you can pick the best 4ft bed frame to suit you with ease. For more information or advice, feel free to get in touch with our team, today.