Bed Size Guide: Is A Small Double Right For You?

Small double beds make for the perfect transition between a single and a standard double bed and are ideal for teens, young adults or couples who may have limited space in the bedroom. If you’re unsure whether a small double is too small or too big for your needs, our guide below can help you determine whether a 4ft bed is right for you or the new bed owner.

Who Are Small Double Beds Made For?

Small double beds aren’t made for anyone in particular in the way that a toddler bed might be, however it’s important to understand the space it gives you and determine your comfort levels from there. For single users such as teens or solo young adults, a small double bed can be a great way to get the luxury of space as you sleep without taking up as much room as a double or king-sized bed.

For couples who don’t mind giving up some space, a small double can still be more than enough for two sleepers at night, though this will really be down to personal preference and how much space you are used to having while sleeping in the same bed.

What Are The Measurements?

When buying a small double bed, both the frame and mattress will measure 4ft in width, and 6ft 3inches in length. Depending on the design, the bedframe may be slightly wider than the mattress in order to accommodate it or for usability or design purposes. We include all accurate measurements on each individual product’s page, so you can be sure your new 4ft bed fits perfectly into an alcove or any limited space that you have. All mattresses are standard 4ft small double bed size of 120cm by 190cm and will fit any standard small double frame.

Do I Have Enough Room?

If you are unsure if you have enough room for the bed frame within the given bedroom, you can find exact measurements for each product page, however, most of our frames are the standard 120 x 190cm, give or take a centimetre or two. 

Generally speaking, it’s advised that you have a bed-to-space ratio of around 1:3 or more in your bedroom, so you have enough room to comfortably fit the bed and move around without things feeling too cramped or closed in. Whatever the case, you should always allow 30 inches of space minimum between each side and the bottom of the bed and the nearest piece of furniture or a wall.

What Sheets Will I Need?

When purchasing a small double bed, you might have already noticed that small double sheets aren’t as common as double, single or king-sized ones. We have a range of bed linen available including pillows, duvets, mattress protectors and sheets that fit a small double bed perfectly, though it’s also worth noting that in most cases, an existing double blanket can still comfortably fit the small double mattress if you aren’t looking to buy a new quilt just yet.

Small double beds make for a spacious but space-efficient alternative to a single or a double or king-sized bed. All of our bed frames are designed with style and space-saving in mind, so why not take a look and choose the right one for your bedroom? Alternatively, get in touch to speak to a member of our team for more information.

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